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    Light makes things visible in the dark, but it also makes things invisible. You can't see the inside of the river, which reflects the sunlight in the daytime. Visibility is clearer on cloudy days than on sunny days. The moment the thunder flashes, the area is enveloped in white darkness. While some things are made visible by the light, others disappear from sight without being noticed.


    However, people find uses and meanings in phenomena and natural objects, and segment this world. People feel hope and safety in the existence of light, and have used light as a tool to "illuminate" their hands in the darkness.


    <vnsh> takes the sei-katsu-sha out of the articulated world of recognition. Light leaks through a slit in a φ5mm aluminum pipe and illuminates the wall. When you look at <vnsh>, which is so thin that it is about to disappear into the light, the light speaks to your senses beyond your perception of the lighting equipment.


    SKU: 364215376135191
    • Detail

      Size : W300 D240 H1000  mm
      Color Temparature: 3000K
      material : aluminum, stainless steel, MDF, LED(COB)
      with 3 rods

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