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size : H 800 × W 450 × D 450  

material : steel,super organized (polyester)



A chair installation using 5g / m² ultra-lightweight fabric on the back.

During the exhibition, the back flutters in the air, even with the wind that blows naturally and the slight wind generated by the movement of the viewer.


Usually, there is a master-slave relationship between people and furniture.

I wanted to see a free chair that wouldn't give in to people, betraying people's expectations.





The problem was how to realize the appearance of the chair fluttering in the wind, which I imagined in my head.

The pillars that support the cloth were 2 mm square, and the cloth was hung on the transparent fishing line passed between the pillars.

For the cloth, I used an ultra-lightweight cloth called {Super Organdy} produced in Niigata, Japan, so that it would always float in the air during the exhibition.

Next, regarding the relationship between the back and the seat, the seat is regarded as a stage that shows the back dancing in the wind. It pops out a little behind the hind legs and picks up the shadows cast by the back.





I'm interested in the feeling that comes from shifting things a little from the existing framework. They may lose the meaning and function that it originally had, but when you see it, you may notice something rich between the frames created for human convenience.

Ch_air sketch_2.jpg
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