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So Tanaka's projects are mainly inspired by his personal thoughts or strong interests to materials, philosophy, and other disciplines of art. I believe that the selection of materials, form, and manufacturing process that make up a product are all linguistic in the sense that they are activities by which people perceive the world and share their individual perception of the world with others.My motivation is to redefine how we relate to others (society, the environment, and our future selves) in a linguistic world that is made up of such relationships.

​​So Tanakathe project oft is the mainpersonal thoughts andmaterial, philosophy, other tricksto the technical fieldStart with a strong curiosity.The selection of materials that make up the product, the form, and the manufacturing process are all linguistic in the sense that people recognize the world and share the world they perceive with In a linguistic world made up of such relationships, we find the motivation of our activities in redefining how we interact with others (society, the environment, our future selves)..


2021 Designart Tokyo Under 30 (As Aroundant with Kentaro Takagi)

2021     Lexus Design Award Short listed 

2020     Lexus Design Award Short listed 

2019     Roche Bobois Award 2019 Winner (ORI)


  ORI  Console from 


2021               "Purism"  at Designart Tokyo 2021

2020               " Transfer, Transparency"  at  tata book shop Gallery

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