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size :

Vnsh_I   250φ  H1010mm   

Vnsh_II   W300 D240 H1000mm  

Vnsh_III  250φ H1500mm

material : Aluminium, Stainless, LED


Light makes things visible in the darkness, but it also makes something invisible. You cannot see in a river reflecting daylight. Visibility is clearer on a cloudy day than on a sunny day. The moment lightning flashes, the area is covered in white darkness. While some things are made visible by light, others disappear from view without being noticed.

However, people find uses and meanings for phenomena and natural objects, dividing this world into segments. People feel hope and safety in the presence of light, and have used light as a tool to illuminate their hand in the darkness.

<vnsh> takes the viewer out of this segmented world of perception, and light leaks through a slit in the 5mm-diameter aluminum pipe, illuminating the wall. When gazing at <vnsh>, which itself seems to disappear into the light due to its slenderness, the light speaks to the senses beyond the perception against to the lighting fixture.


Function, This world

We assume that function is a unidirectional causal relationship that people plan with a certain purpose. People observe various causal relationships found in nature and intentionally create situations that will produce the results they desire. Force applied with a sharp object will cut meat. If you put grain on the fire, it becomes tender. People have also found important functionality in light. Lighting fixtures have developed as something that illuminates dangers lurking in the dark and greatly extends the time of activity. 
But once the tools leave the hands of their makers and become integrated into the lives of their users, there is not only the expected one-way relationship. In other words, each subject, such as myself, you, your cat, or your plants, is not a cog in a wheel that moves according to a plan, and every event is related to the fluid surrounding environment and is unique at that moment and in that place. A sparrow playing at a table on the terrace. A child turning an empty wine bottle into a musical instrument. The smell of well grass in a tatami room reminds me of my grandmother's house. All of these things are happening now, under the special conditions of this planet, with its moderate gravity and ecosystem. The functions planned by the designer are only a part of these events.
The relationship between light and dark is surely changing constantly. Sometimes darkness reveals the presence of something, and sometimes light makes something invisible to us. Under strong sunlight, we lose our delicate sense of color. People who are born blind use their various senses to "see" the world in three dimensions more than those who can see. It is sometimes tempting to call darkness light and light darkness.
I want to capture each of these unique moments as they are, without being bound by experience or knowledge. I want to see function not in terms of convenience, but as a drama that is established between the subject and the world around it. I would like to float my activities on the same horizon as the fact that I exist here and now, and that materials have been here with a history. I would like to confirm with the substance of my products that this is not in conflict with the social role of design, which is to solve problems, but to question what problems are and what society is.










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